Love, Kindness, Goodness & Forgiveness™



Linking people together to Breathe Kindness, Love, Goodness & Forgiveness into the future of our world.TM


Linking People Together

Learning, Teaching & Practicing Kindness, starting conversations, encouraging mentoring, bonding & education

The chain of Kindness serves many functions

  • Provides a tool for helping young parents to teach preschool children Kindness.  Example: Each time a child performs an act of Kindness they earn a link to be added to the chain.  
  • When the kids see the chain displayed they feel good knowing they took part in making something significant and beautiful - emphasizing the importance of being Kind.
  • Older kids and Adults can be a part of folding the Kindness Links when this is done in a group the activity provides a wonderful opportunity for starting conversations about ways to be kind, mentoring, bonding, developing social skills, and simply creating an opportunity to have fun and develop and nurture friendships. 


Love, & Goodness into the future of our world


The balloon event provides

  • A fun competition that looks like a game show 
  • Provides a opportunity to bring people together
  • A Family activity 
  • Teambuilding  
  • Bringing people together to make a eye catching message 
  • Provides an opportunity to share parenting tips 
  • Promotes other wholesome worthwhile activities that are beneficial for children



Our Motto

Find someone who has raised their children the way you would like to raise your children and ask what they did.TM

Hindsight is 100% we feel it is important that parents can discuss different styles of parenting with each other and ask questions to parents who have already raised their children. Learning from each other is valuable.


Problem Worth Solving – We live in a beautiful world, but also a world filled with Troubles, Pain, Sadness, Confusion and Bullying. Some days the world can be a bleak place.



Our Solution - Although the world in Pain is more than one person can deal with, When we Link people together to actively practice Kindness, and start conversations about how to wrap our heads around the difficult concept of forgiveness, we believe we can each do our part to bring Goodness and Love into the lives of other people and make this world a better place to live and a happier place for our children to grow up in. Bonding, Mentoring and giving clear standards to children are key factors in creating responsible adults. Our goal is to point people in a good direction and introduce programs that can help young parents be the best they can be.

We can each do our part to Breathe Goodness & Love into the world.



We begin to achieve all these things by using 2 fun colorful interesting activities